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Macrocarpa as we know it (Cupressus macrocarpa) originally came from Southern California.  It was introduced into New Zealand in the 1860’s where it was planted mainly as shelter belts with the odd plantation here and there also. 

It is described as a low-medium density softwood with a light golden brown honey colour, which is similar in appearance to Kauri.

Macrocarpa is recognised as one of the most eco-friendly timbers that New Zealand produces.

With a natural resistance to fungus, rot and insect attack it is one of the most naturally durable exotic softwoods grown in New Zealand.  It is this natural durability without the need for chemical treatment which has seen macrocarpa become a popular choice for public areas such as schools and parks along with home gardens.  Both the heartwood and sapwood of macrocarpa are naturally borer resistant when used for interior purposes.    


Macrocarpa timber is sought after for its decorative appeal in both interior and exterior uses.  It can be naturally left to silver in colour or will accept a variety of oils, paints and varnishes (when dry).



  • exposed beams

  • flooring

  • wall panelling

  • ceiling sarking

  • cladding

  • joinery

  • solid wood bench tops

  • architraves

  • skirtings

  • picture framing

  • furniture making



  • pergolas

  • beams

  • landscaping

  • stock yard fencing

  • decking

  • weatherboard

  • outdoor furniture

  • feature gates/fencing

  • raised planter gardens

  • signs

  • boat building

  • outdoor furniture

Timbe Stacked.PNG

In New Zealand macrocarpa timber is classified into three grades:


Clear grade is top grade macrocarpa timber which is free from knots and defects.It is sought after for end use applications such as top end joinery, window sills, ballistar rails in stair cases etc.

Macrocarpa Timber - Clear Grade.png


Dressing grade contains small, tight knots and minor defects.  It is suitable for and often used for weatherboards, sarking, decking, pergolas, flooring, architraves, skirting etc.

Macrocarpa Timber - Dressing Grade.jpg


Is generally lower quality material which has the odd black knot and some imperfections.  Suitable for landscaping, planter gardens, garden sleepers, outdoor furniture, rustic wall panelling and other projects where a more ‘rustic’ appeal is sought after.  Sometimes referred to as ‘landscaping’ or ‘utilty’ grade.

Macrocarpa Timber - Merchant Grade.jpg

At Hedley Contracting Ltd we stock a wide range of all grades mentioned above in different sizes.

If we don’t have exactly what you are after in stock, we can quickly cut to order any size or lengths.

We are also available to come to you and mill any job on-site with two fully transportable sawmills.

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